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About Dylan Rafaty

Dylan Rafaty is an author, self-advocate, and founder of DylanListed® LLC. Due to his personal experience as a hearing-impaired student in Special Education, Dylan acquired a special understanding of and sensitivity to the needs of youth in Special Education and the transition to the world after high school. During his time working at Life Time Fitness in Plano, he found his joy and special skills in helping to make departments more cohesive in order to better serve the members. This natural extrovert self-published a book/memoir and then started a company that is rooted in the core belief that the total life experience of students of Special Education-turned differently-abled adults, matters, and especially their participation in the American workplace.

At DylanListed, Dylan has a number of roles. Dylan donates his time and passion to several non-profit partners that serve and advocate for individuals with disabilities and is a frequent public speaker before educators, students and adults with disabilities and businesses across the country. Dylan also meets with every stakeholder (businesses, nonprofits, service providers, local/state governments, etc.) beginning in his home area, the North Texas area, to address the concerning needs for people with disabilities and US veterans. Dylan recently took on voluntary roles serving as North Texas Ambassador for the Dallas Abilities Expo, Chairman for the Social Responsibility Committee at IAICDV, Plano ISD Special Education Advisory Board Committee, Advisory Board Member for the Care and Mercy Foundation and on the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities. Also, Dylan now serves as the Director of Community Development and Disability Engagement for C-Hear, Inc. 


Dylan's Special Skills/Abilities:

- Inspirational and motivational national public speaker (Topics include: Social Impact/Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Education or Special Education, Accessibility, Workforce or Business Development, Transition, Employment, etc). 

- Proven management, leadership, communication, community engagement/outreach, public relations. 

- Sets high expectations, an active listener, ability to solve problems with people that have unique abilities, a solution-seeker and always prepared for meetings.

- Strong advocate and self-advocate on important legislative matters in Texas & the United States.

- The courage to stand up for what's morally and ethically correct. 


Notable Speaking Engagements: 

- Plano ISD End of the Year Celebration for Special Education, May 2012 in Plano, TX

- Texas Tech University Education Dept., Feb 2013 in Lubbock, TX

- James Madison HS for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, March 2014 in San Diego, CA

- Nellie Reddix Center, Northside ISD, March 2015 in San Antonio, TX

- Adult Years Vocational Program, San Antonio ISD in March 2015

- IAICDV 46th Annual Convention, Las Vegas in Nov 2015

- Keynote Presentation, 25th Anniversary TAPPestry Conference, Feb 2016

- Overcoming Obstacles, E3 Event, June 2017

- TAVAC Texas Transition Conference, Aug 2017

- Opening Keynote Presentation, Texas Rehabilitation Association Annual Conference, June 2018

- Keynote Presenter, Denton County MHMR Holiday Luncheon, Dec 2018


Collaborative Projects: 

- Dylan played an instrumental role in collaborating with the Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities as they worked with the City of Plano to bring the quarterly meetings to Plano and the Annual Lex Frieden Employment Awards in October 2018. 

- Dylan has taken the personal interest to stay actively involved with the City of Plano Multi-Cultural Outreach Round-table (MCOR) group that focuses on embracing diversity within our communities in Plano. Within the last year, MCOR has developed student-led clubs in Plano ISD providing education and awareness for all students on diversity. Dylan, too, comes from a diverse family background (Eastern European from his Mother and Middle Eastern from his Father) and where he learned the value of learning and respecting different cultures. He's committed to furthering the mission of MCOR into new communities and in schools.   

- Dylan continuously partners with Dallas-Fort Worth area nonprofits and small businesses to provide meaningful guidance, support and awareness of potential opportunities for people with disabilities and veterans. In addition, he serves as a board member and/or advisor to provide new, innovative program development and fundraising strategies. 

- Dylan demonstrates an open-door policy to all and empowers self-advocates (persons with disabilities, veterans, economically disadvantaged youth and the homeless) and their parents (or caregivers) through mentor-ship, guidance and emotional support. 

- Dylan continuously works with the Student HireAbility Navigators (from Texas Workforce Commission) in partnership with the North Central Texas Council of Governments to provide consulting support to help increase collaborative partnerships for high school youth through training and employment opportunities.

- Dylan is founding and developing the launch of a multi-lateral partnership an employment initiative called the DylanListed Mobile Vending Entrepreneurship Program. It will be piloted in Miami, FL.  

- Dylan also is working with community advocates and city leaders to soon add an advisory commission on people with disabilities for the City of Plano. This advisory commission focus is to provide recommendations and support for the Plano community on Accessibility, Education, Employment, Housing, Recreation and Transportation. 

- Dylan is working with film makers and executive producers (like Alin Bijan) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to promote proactive inclusion of actors and TV personnel with disabilities.

- Dylan proactively engages in talks with Texas start-ups (Chariot Innovations and C-Hear, Inc) and social entrepreneurs in advising and providing employment support by connecting with different under-served communities. 

- Dylan served on the Education Committee for World Para Taekwondo to assist in the development of online training modules for coaches and para-athletes in 100+ countries worldwide.

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