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Dylan Rafaty Announces Run for Office

This past week, I've received a number of responses from individuals who've wondered if I am indeed running for local office. I will be running for Plano ISD (Place TBD). Here's some personal information about me:

I'm a proud Special Education graduate at Plano West (Class of 2009). However, my personal experiences throughout my time in public education wasn't easy but because of my positivity and love for people kept me going. I, then, attended Collin College where my struggles in education continued. It was during this time that I experienced setbacks as I was enrolled in developmental (noncredit) courses and experienced a variety of emotional barriers.

In April 2012, I proudly self-published a book, Occupy Special Education - Children Should Be Seen and Heard. This book started as a memoir then turned into an abridged celebration of my young, multicultural life, and then grew into a critical look back at my journey in public education, a significant part of which was spent floundering in special education. It was my hope to share, highlight the need for students in special education to speak up about their experiences and the importance of having transitional guidance throughout their journey. Personally, this book enabled me to become a self-advocate and frequent motivational speaker for people with disabilities in public education.

In November 2012, I've founded DylanListed which (at the time) focused on empowering the community of people with disabilities through employment and training opportunities. It was my vision that one day; I can create a community where all stakeholders are working inclusively together to increase opportunities for all. Through my company, I've had the pleasure to connect with hundreds of people from around the world who've shared their stories and words of inspiration. Through these efforts, DylanListed has enabled me to broaden my involvements by working with all stakeholders (businesses, nonprofits, governments, school districts, etc.) to increase opportunities through education, public policy, housing, healthcare, employment, transportation and transition by empowering people with disabilities, US veterans, economically-disadvantaged youth, minorities, women, and the homeless.

Since 2015, I've made many achievements including an appointment on the Texas Governor's Committee on People With Disabilities, Chair for the Social Responsibility Committee at the International Association of Ice Cream Distributors and Vendors, received my associate's degree at Collin College, receiving numerous of awards, many speaking engagements, etc. I give credits to my supportive network of family, friends, colleagues, mentors, and partners for my successes.

Throughout my entrepreneurship journey, it helped me overcome many obstacles. It is because of strong work ethics, determination, passion, personality and continuous drive that helped me find the value to reconsider and pursue my bachelor's degree. Currently, I am working to complete my Bachelor's in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the University of Phoenix (4 online classes to go) with a 3.90 GPA and set to finish in April 2019. I will then be pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology or Organizational Leadership in Fall 2019.

Each of us has a unique story to share. My experiences are different but I do believe that we can accomplish anything. I am running for Plano ISD on three values; Transparency, Inclusion, and Collaboration. My track records in the private and public sectors can prove it. It has always been my hope to continue to serve in a large capacity to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of others. I hope to have your full support! Thank you.

#LetsWorkInclusively #TIC

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